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32 pp


195×270 mm


Picture books

Pokaluren irrar vilse

The Pompom Doozle Goes Astray

Andrea de La Barre de Nanteuil

Illustrated by

Lovisa Burfitt

Pompoms are funny little things with minds of their own. They live in hats and shoes and love getting up to mischief. Suddenly a bun disappears, or a piece of paper is in the wrong place; you never know what might happen when pompoms are about.

One night, when a pompom goes sleep walking, very unexpected things occur. He wakes up in a sumptuous patisserie, takes a meringue for his Mum, but later ends up in a big apartment in Paris. How will he be able to get back to Mum?

This charming picture book by the creators of the Madamoiselle Oiseau is full of lovely rhymes and fun to read again and again.