Hedens helgon

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260 pp

Hedens helgon

The Saints of the Heden

The Saints of the Heden is a warm and gripping account of that period of your life during middle school when your whole world is pretty small. Everyone is given a role that they need to maintain, and your actions are eternal reminders of who you are. 

Josie lives in a flat with her Norwegian mother. She spends her days shoplifting and hanging out with her best friend Julia. They live in the same neighbourhood in Heden.

After a fight that results in Josie punching her classmate Goran, something rather unexpected occurs. Josie and Goran become friends, and then join forces with Julia and Alex to create The Saints of Heden, a club whose main purpose it is to do good things and help people in trouble. 

However, it’s not always easy doing good things all the time, not when you’re getting caught shoplifting, which risks ruining everything. But it seems it’s easier to lie and blame a friend than own up to your own wrongdoings. And of course there are serious repercussions …