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119 pp


The Sandwolf

Nobody can cheer up Zackarina like the Sand Wolf. He is full of ideas and fun, and knows much about absolutely everything! Short, self-contained stories, ideal for reading a loud.

”The sand wolf is like a classic pretend-friend who can help you deal with the adult world. But hehas another function. He is not a substitute in a lonely world, but an all-knowing – yet not superior – discussion partner who likes to have serious conversations. /…/ This is a book that is a pleasure to share with others, because you feel so at peace when you read it out loud.” Ulrika Milles in Dagens Nyheter

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Mera sandvargen

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Åsa Lind

2003, 119 pp

Text books (6–9 years)

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Åsa Lind

2004, 119 pp

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