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144 pp

Hemliga Myran

The Secret Life of Myran

In this third and final book about Myran, we learn that he has a little sister. “A tiny little pink thing. She cries and sleeps and poos, and sometimes she waves her hands about.”
Myran now spends alternate weeks living with his parents – either with his mum, Jesper and little sister, or with his dad and Ludde the cat. It’s the end of term and the beginning of the summer holidays. He’ll be going to a summer house in the country with his mum, Jesper and little sister, and then he’s going to Italy with his dad. While he’s in the country, he meets a very interesting girl. She’s broken her arm and her name is Gloria, or at least that’s what she says it is. Myran actually has quite a nice time and even Diego comes to stay, but it’s not always easy being a big brother and suddenly having to share his mother’s attention with a screaming, pooing little lump. It all turns out alright in the end though. His little sister finally gets a name and he makes her laugh for the very first time! Myran and Dad take the train to Italy.
Everything is fine.