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32 pp

Den lilla lilla sjöjungfrun

The Tiny Little Mermaid

Far below the water’s surface, in the deepest depth of the ocean, lies a totally different world . This is where the mermaids live. With their shiny, slick fins, they swim fast and skillfully in the ocean. This is also the home of a family with six daughters. It is the tiny little mermaid’s family. There are some advantages to being the youngest among all the siblings, but when the big sisters are about to do big-sister things, like swim up to the surface, the littlest mermaid does not get to come. She is too young, they say. She has to stay at home!

Debut writer Klara Nordin Stensö takes full advantage of the underwater setting and with a great sense of humor, she dives deep into into the feeling of being an outsider.