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158 pp

De odöda

The Undead

Following the success of Vaesen, Norse Gods is a thrilling recreation of the best of Nordic mythology by author and illustrator Johan Egerkrans, from the fateful creation myth of the killing of Ymer by Odin and his brothers, to the final destruction of the gods at Ragnarök. Familiar tales from both Eddas are given vivid new life with the fabulous creatures of Aasgaard, Jotenheim and the Netherworld.

The Undead extends Egerkrans’s vision to the ghouls and the macabre creatures of other cultures, depicting over forty in all their grisly detail. The book not only describes their frightening powers but fortunately offers advice on how to protect ourselves from them.

A gorgeously illustrated book of giants, dwarves, monsters and heroes, this is a definitive work for readers of all ages. The third part in the series, The Undead, will take on myths of the undead from around world; zombies, vampires and werewolfs, among others.