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32 pp

Den zoologiska trädgården

The Zoo

Something strange is happening at the old zoo. It’s been a long time since visitors has come to see the fine animals: the pig, the bear, the regal moose, the cow and all the crazy chickens. Day after day, year in and year out, the tired zoo director has had to feed all the animals and clean all the cages by himself. But after he oversleeps one morning and has to hurry up to get all the animals back in their cages, everything changes. Suddenly, the zoo is full of stunned visitors that point and take pictures and make videos. They have never seen anything like it. What a fantastic pig, so large and shaggy! And a bear with a curled tail. Never have they seen anything more peculiar! The zoo director scratches his head — what has happened to his zoo?

With wit and humor, Björn Bergenholtz has created a story about not believing everything you read. There is a lot to discover for both young and old in the wonderfully quirky pictures that have become Björn Bergenholtz’ signature.