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176 pp

Tredje tecknet

Third Sign

“Olivia smiled again and was just about to leave when something made her look a second time. The girl in the mirror had smiled back, of course, but Olivia frowned and cocked her head. The girl in the mirror did the same thing. Still, something was not quite right. As if the mirror image moved just a tiny bit too late. Olivia tried tilting her head the other way. The mirror image did too. A tenth of a second too late. Surprised, Olivia stared at the girl in the mirror. And suddenly she had the strange sensation that she didn’t know what she was looking at. That the girl staring back at her wasn’t she.”

Ingelin Angerborn’s new great horror book begins with a key that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Then Olivia’s cat Smilla starts acting strange, the elevator goes down to the basement by itself, ladybugs appear everywhere. And those words that she has written in her own notebook, “I am with you,” what do they mean? Olivia dreams strange dreams at night, a desk drawer opens all the time, she believes there are ghosts in her apartment, and everything just gets more and more mysterious. She would never have suspected that everything has to do with when she was a baby in an orphanage in Colombia. Not in her wildest imagination.

Third Sign is breathtakingly exciting reading with a dramatic and unexpected solution.

Ingelin Angerborn is unsurpassable when it comes to magical realism for the middle grades. She mixes the ordinary with the magical in a way that makes everything feel possible. Ingelin has received numerous awards and been praised by critics.

Room 213 has sold in more than 25,000 copies, Moon Bird in 15,000 copies.