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Tilly som trodde att...

Tilly Who Thought That…

Tilly lives in a house that she’s used to living in, because that’s where she’s lived since she was born. She doesn’t know what it’s like to live somewhere else. She and Tage think about what it might be like to be somebody else. If they’re lucky, they might find out. Tilly plays at Loppan’s house. They play with pillows that are spread out everywhere. Then she plays at Sonja’s. Sonja has everything, but her dad is never home because he works someplace that starts with Brr. And she plays with Peppe, whose dad never does the cleaning and who forgets to buy toilet paper.

Tilly often walks by the cold guy. He sits on a newspaper and he’s probably hungry. She wants Mom to give him some money but Mom only has credit cards. Tilly talks to Tage about money, about how you should help others, but don’t. A good question, but difficult.

The cold guy sits on the sidewalk every day and one day when it’s really cold Tilly and Tage’s daycare walks by him. The children have tons of clothing, things to sit on, and picnic lunches with pancakes and hot chocolate. They give the guy everything they have, it’s like a feast. And Tilly who thought that adults didn’t like rolled-up wiener pancakes with sugar and jam. Luckily, you can’t know everything.

This is a story with social criticism from a child’s perspective. Eva Staaf and Emma AdBåge have created an intelligent, humorous and warm picture book that concerns us all. It can be viewed as a new and exciting contribution to the picture book genre.

Eva Staaf, award winning radio director, debuts as a children’s books author.

Emma AdBåge is one of the most important young artists of the new illustrator generation.