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Dagens katastrofer

Today’s Catastrophes

 “Mom sometimes tells Majken not to worry about things that are not likely to happen, but Majken always replies the same way: to those who have experienced something horrible it doesn’t matter if what happened to them was likely or not. If you die in a plane crash it doesn’t matter that you would really have to fly every day for ten thousand years in order to crash. Then once is enough.” 

It is summer and Majken thinks about catastrophes. In her notebook she uses a red pen for murder, yellow for disease, green for accidents and purple for natural disasters. And things don’t improve when Mom bring home a drooling dog. But Mom looks so sad when Majken doesn’t get excited that Majken decides to allow Blunder to stay. For now. But it’s not because Majken thinks he’s cute. Nobody who eats poop can be cute. 

Cilla Jackert is a movie- and television screenwriter and has written a number of popular TV-series, as well as the feature movie Känn ingen sorg, based on Håkan Hellström’s lyrics and music.