Troll och andra väsen

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32 pp

Troll och andra väsen

Trolls and other Beings

Giants, ghosts, werewolves, elves … Yes, in this book you get to find out lots of exciting facts about eleven mythical beings. Did you know that large boulders of stone may have been thrown by giants? That the forest keeper or skogsrå could trick people into losing their way? Elves could be dangerous, people couldn’t stop themselves from dancing when the water spirit Näcken played, and werewolves didn’t have shadows! There’s so much to learn from these short, yet rich texts and fascinating illustrations. Children will discover what these beings looked like, how they lived, how they behaved towards people, and how people used to try and protect themselves from them. For there was generally something a little scary associated with these mythical beings – even farm gnomes could occasionally become enraged!

Charlotta Björnulfson’s exciting facts have been beautifully illustrated by Catarina Kruusval, cleverly adding a feeling of magic and humour to the texts.

The eleven mythical beings described in the book are: revenants, witches, giants, water spirits, mermaids, forest keepers, ghosts, gnomes, trolls, werewolves and elves.