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Två av oss

Two of Us

It’s the 1980s. Thirteen-year-old Jonas hangs out in his room, listening to Duran Duran and X-models. And playing the guitar, a comfort in his loneliness. He is the fallback choice, the one you ring when no one else has the time. But when Joni joins Jonas’s class, his life changes. She’s exciting. Clever. Beautiful. And above all, despite her listening to The Cure and thinking he has the nerdiest musical taste ever, she seems to want to be with Jonas. But all the anticipation and the butterflies in the stomach are overshadowed by something else, something dark and secret and makes Joni hold back. Jonas almost breaks through to her, but not completely. What happened to her? And how can Jonas become the friend he wants to be, the one in whom Joni confides?