Viggo och kärlekskaoset

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172 pp


150×200 mm


Board books

Viggo och kärlekskaoset

Viggo and the Love Crisis

Lisa Bjärbo

Illustrated by

Johanna Magoria

What does it actually feel like to be in love? So in love, that you’d dance around in the kitchen and send heart emojis, like Dad does to his new girlfriend. Or maybe, maybe that you end up a giggling mess, like Viggo when he meets Roya on the beach? There’s lots going on in Viggo’s life. He’s got his own dog, a boxer puppy called Kira. And soon he’s going to be eight…really soon! But he won’t be having a party. He’s having lan…the puppy! But who is he going to invite? Malte of course, and maybe Roya. But he doesn’t dare tell Malte that…

Lisa Bjärbo takes children’s fears and feelings very seriously, and readers of all ages will empathise with the wonderful descriptions of daily life. Magoria’s illustrations provide simple, funny and sensitive imagery to accompany the text.