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Ska vi va?

Want to Hang Out?

The seemingly innocent question, “Want to hang out?” encom- passes a lot; power balance, strategy and big emotions. Pija Lindenbaum’s fine relationship drama poses many important questions.

Berit wants to play with Flisan. She knocks on Flisan’s door. Want to hang out? she says. But Flisan wants to be alone and cut with her new scissors, and she slams the door shut.

But Berit comes back again, many times. She even brings ice cream, but Flisan says that she’s allergic. The rest of the day Flisan builds with blocks, cuts with her scissors and stays inside alone, tinkering.

The following morning she is done tinkering and goes outside. And there is Berit.

Want to hang out? Flisan says. Okay, Berit says. There has been a role reversal and something new begins