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32 pp

Vi vill ha fredagsmys!

We Want Cozy Friday!

Finally, Friday! That means a cozy, relaxing evening at home. Everybody knows this.

Two friends, Elly and Alba, have planned everything to the very last detail: they are going to gather their stuffed animals and lie on soft pillows and watch Frozen. But most importantly; they’re going to eat raspberries and blueberries and chips. So, when Elly’s mom appears with popcorn, the entire cozy Friday is ruined. “We didn’t have any berries,” Elly’s mom explains. Elly and Alba decide to sneak out and pick some themselves. But the forest is dark and a little scary and instead of berries, they find Elly’s grumpy neighbor Thea, who lisps like a kid. And who always calls them kiddos …

This is Emma Bouvin’s picture book debut, a humorous story about everyday life, about how difficult it can be to feel young, but that it isn’t always so easy to be a grown-up either. Warm and expressive pictures by Emma Göthner, one of Sweden’s best loved picture-book illustrators.