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72 pp

Året runt

Year Round

Jockum Nordström is one of Sweden’s most celebrated artists. His earlier children’s books about the inseparable duo Sailor & Pekka have been read and loved by generations of children.

In his poetry collection Year Round he shows us the changes of the seasons, stars in the sky and cities that smell of pee and snuff. Once again, we meet the ant, the grasshopper and the poodle that we know from earlier books (Where Are You Going? and Fables and Other Stories). We get to count cats, snowflakes and match boxes and we befriend some exciting characters.

Jockum Nordström’s art is exhibited in galleries around the world. Year Round is his first children’s book in many years. We recognize Nordström’s imagery: the characters, the landscapes, the cityscapes, his characteristic humor, the atmosphere, the melancholy. Year Round is a beautiful book for all ages.