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115 pp

Kattspionerna på Rosengård 1: Man lever bara nio gånger

You Only Live Nine Times – The Cat Spies at Rosengard 1

The little cat Samira Karlsson has just moved with her family to Rose Hill. Everything is new and unusual. Soon she meets Furry, a cool and charming cat that takes her to exciting places, such as the water playground and the cat café and even a boxing club. With Furry, she dares everything.

But not in her wildest imagination could Samira Karlsson have imagined that she and Furry would become secret agents and engage in dangerous missions. Suddenly they find themselves in a world of espionage, secret messages and disguises. The cat spies at Rose Hill have been looking for a brave and smart new cat – Samira Karlsson is the perfect student.

When some rabbit cubs disappear and the rats begin to ravage, all animals in the area are put to the test. They need to cooperate, not quarrel, but it is difficult when many of them are frightened.

How can Samira know who she can trust? And what hidden forces control the city’s animal world?

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Kattspionerna på Rosengård 2: Katt med rätt att lösa

Cat with the Right to Scratch – The Cat Spies at Rosengard 2

Anja Gatu, Anna Nilsson

2021, 105 pp

Text books (6–9 years)